Thursday, July 1, 2010

Watching the windmills in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Studying abroad has had the wheels turning in her head, too!

Photo by Annemarieke de Vlaming
Copyright 2010 IES Abroad


  1. Fantastic - there is new content again. Thanks IES Abroad, I have been anxiously awaiting this!

  2. P.S.> Happy Canada Day everybody.

    IES Abroad, when will you be opening a study abroad location in Canada?

  3. This girl is really cute! The water really brings out the colour in her eyes! I need to get over to the Netherlands if it has all these cute girls there!

  4. Happy Canada Day from all of us at IES Abroad, Ryan. Thanks for your comments. We're glad to be back and posting content on this blog again. We'll have daily photos for you now.

    As for an IES Abroad Canadian Center... we'll have to look into that. :-)